We're back! Construction is complete at the LaPorte High School Performing Arts Center, and we are returning to the stage in January. This year's play is a comedy with valuable SEL lessons.

It's time to make your reservation!

LaPorte Service League invites the community to our 85th annual live theater performance.

We have selected

"The Bully and Ben"

for this year's production.

Objective: Showing the value of looking at people in new ways and how to cope with difficult situations.


Ben is an unusually smart boy working on his science fair project, but he is distracted by the class bully and class tattletale. Then, the bully messes with Ben’s brilliant science project.

Now the Bully and Ben have grown clones! Ben and his new 'twin' have to figure out how to deal with two bullies, the bully is bullied by his own clone, and the tattle tale finds new ways to cooperate with everyone. It's a silly situation comedy with inspiring messaging for audience members young and old.

LaPorte Service League's Mission: Our dedication to the enrichment of our community is evident, as we prepare each aspect of the production from acting to costume design to lighting and sound.

Research has shown that student engagement in dramatic retelling of a story greatly improves understanding of the story. This year's story emphasizes Social Emotional Learning competencies like perspective-taking, empathy, appreciating diversity, and relationship building.

Performances are January 27th - January 30th* at the LaPorte High School Auditorium at 9:30am Monday-Thursday and 1:00pm Monday-Wednesday. Admission is $.50 for students and $1.00 for adults.

We request that payment is made in the form of a check, payable to LaPorte Service League. Confirmation of your reservation will be made in early January to allow time to arrange for transportation to the venue.

We look forward to entertaining you!